May 29, 2014 |

Dear Editor

I am writing in support of Measure CC. I am the mother of two children in Culver City schools, Linwood E. Howe Elementary and Culver City Middle School. A quality education is one of the building blocks of not just a good society, but a great one. CCUSD has done a brilliant job of weathering the budget storms of the past decade; they have prioritized teacher salaries and quality programs over facilities upgrades. Now, however, there are upgrades needed to our facilities that are becoming dire. Culver City is a gem of a city inside the heart of Los Angeles. It has a strong civic commitment that is unique--a community I'm proud to be part of. I urge voters to continue this great legacy of valuing quality public education by voting yes on Measure CC!

Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble

Culver City

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