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Redflex Banned By Chicago


Redflex was banned by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel based on bribery of city officials. The bribery was uncovered by the Chicago Tribune

Redflex admits to bribery issues with other city contracts. Meanwhile many cities have shied away from Redflex because of the issue.

The board of commissioners in Orange County, Fla., voted unanimously to abandon negotiations with Redflex, the highest-scoring bidder on the county's plan to install as many as 80 traffic cameras in suburban Orlando. Citing an ongoing federal criminal investigation into allegations of a $2 million bribery scheme in Chicago and the company's potentially shaky future, commissioners opted instead to go with their second choice.

"I just don't think it's appropriate for us to congratulate a company that has this type of core value failure," Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer said before the 7-0 vote against Redflex. "The appearance, to me, is just dreadful, and appearances matter."

Other cities have chosen not to consider Redflex based on the bribery issues. They include Prescott Valley, AZ; San Rafael, Emeryville and Yuba City in Calif.


Reader Comments

Diego writes:

While the May 12 staff report claims, (quote) No Redflex personnel associated with the City's program were involved in the Chicago matter (un), Rosenberg, the Redflex VP at the center of that scandal, resided in Manhattan Beach and signed the 2009 amendment with Culver City. The CCPD staff report also weasels, (quote) The allegations were found to have had no correlation to the functional performance of automated enforcement services and equipment as provided to Culver City by Redflex. (un)


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