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Rescue Warms Heart of Mom's Daughter



Enclosed, please find my mother’s account of her “rescue” by Selena Andrade.

Selena is a middle school age girl from my mom’s Braddock Drive neighborhood. My mother, who is almost 89 years old, had been in her garden smelling the roses when she tripped and fell and broke her hip. When Selena walked by and noticed my mother lying on the ground, half-hidden by shrubbery and unable to move, she used her cell phone to call for help.

It was late in the day and if Selena hadn’t responded so quickly and responsibly, it might have been hours before my mom’s absence was noticed. I’m Martie’s daughter and I am truly grateful for Selena’s help.

My mom is a poet and she tends to express herself poetically. These are her heartfelt words and this is how she thinks of Selena.


Laura Forman

“For Selena”

A young girl walked through late afternoon shadows toward home.

She saw something no one else had seen. An old woman lay crumpled in her dusty garden.

The girl called her mother and refused to leave the old woman’s side until help arrived.

The garden soon filled with neighbors and family and emergency medical people who worked quickly and efficiently.

The sun shone on all of them with praise, but its brightest praise shone on the young girl.

Her name is Selena Andrade and I am forever grateful for her true heart and courage.

Thank you,

The little old lady

Martie Vingren


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