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Dear Editor


Dear Editor,

Two years ago, when Jim first threw his hat into the ring to fulfil an unexpired term, he had an amazing political resume. He graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy rising from Ensign to Commander through active and reserve duty. His Master’s Degree in Public Administration rounded his leadership role.

He worked at an important Director level for Mayor Villaraigosa’s Office of Grants, overseeing millions of dollars of funding. He also served as chief of staff for Congress members Diane Watson and Brad Sherman. He has taken these outstanding qualifications and applied them to the critical issues at hand.

For the last two years Jim has demonstrated that he represents the best of Culver City’s values. He studies and understands the issues and listens very carefully to his constituents. Jim’s leadership has guided us through tough economic times. He has supported the idea of a citizen’s finance committee to review our budget in a more timely fashion.

He championed this major reform. He supported the needed hotel and sales taxes so that the City’s budget could safely be balanced. Jim works very well with the city staff and other members of the City Council.

Leadership—Experience—Vision. We must continue to support and re-elect Jim Clarke for a four year term.

Madeline & Paul Ehrlich

Culver City


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