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January 31, 2014


February 13, 2014

City Manager’s Office

• 2014 General Municipal Election (April 8, 2014): The City Clerk’s Office maintains a website with up-to-the-minute information about the upcoming election. That webpage can be accessed here:

Transportation Department

• Tokyo Gas Visits Culver City Transportation: On January 9 the Equipment Maintenance & Fleet Services Division hosted a Japanese delegation at the Transportation Department. The delegation was very interested in the City’s Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) operation, CNG equipment and refueling station operations.

Natural Gas Vehicle America (NGVAmerica) facilitated the hosting of the delegation by the Department because of the City’s long-time commitment to alternative fuels. We provided them with a tour of our facility operations and spent several hours answering questions and sharing information.

The delegation was comprised of:

Mr. Taku Togawa

Associate Professor

Faculty of Commerce and Economics

Chiba University of Commerce, Japan

Mr. Yuichiro Hino

NGV Market Analyst

Product Marketing and Planning Dept.

Isuzu Motors Limited

Minami-oi, Shinagawa, Japan

Ms. Naoko Fukutome

Manager, Market Promotion Sect.

NGV Business Dept.

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

Community Development Department

• Beverages & More! – A permit has been issued for a tenant improvement for a new beverage retail store at 5640 Sepulveda Boulevard.

• Green Dinosaur – Building plans have been submitted for a tenant improvement at 8695 Washington Boulevard. Green Dinosaur is an interdisciplinary firm offering a full range of services designed exclusively for the delivery of efficient, environmentally responsible buildings and developments.

Public Works Department

• Baldwin Hills Conservancy Approves Funding for Hetzler Road Project –

In collaboration with the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks), the City of Culver City Public Works Department submitted a grant proposal to the Baldwin Hills Conservancy for the construction of a pedestrian trail that parallels Hetzler Road, which was unanimously approved on January 24, 2014.

Hetzler Road is a 24-feet wide private street that provides access to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook under State Parks jurisdiction and to six Culver City residences. There are currently no sidewalks or pedestrian trails along the roadway. Since its opening in 2009, the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook has become a popular destination for visitors from around the region who appreciate the scenic vistas, natural habitat and recreational opportunities available in the park. On any given day there are many pedestrians and joggers who go up and down the steep Hetzler Road for exercise. Due to the absence of a separate pathway paralleling the roadway, many pedestrians use the vehicular travel lanes. The intent of this project is to provide pedestrians with a more attractive option of a separate pedestrian trail.

The project will provide a separate pedestrian walking and jogging trail approximately 10 feet wide and 1500 feet long. The trail starts near Jefferson Boulevard and terminates at a point beyond the last residential access from Hetzler Road. Construction of the colored concrete trail will include retaining walls to support the adjacent hillside, landscaping and irrigation, signage, fencing and appurtenant drainage improvements.

• Pedestrian Improvements at Eight Intersections Update – The Pedestrian Improvement at Intersections with Bus Stops Project consists of constructing pedestrian safety improvements at eight intersections which are listed below. The improvements include new ADA compliant curb ramps with truncated domes, high visible crosswalk and pavement markings, accessible pedestrian push buttons, more versatile vehicle video detection and bicycle detection devices, and reconstruction of damaged concrete pavements at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Inglewood Boulevard.

The following intersections on major arterials were selected due the high number of transit and pedestrian activities at these locations:

1) Sepulveda Boulevard and Washington Boulevard

2) Sepulveda Boulevard and Sawtelle Boulevard

3) Washington Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard/Higuera Street

4) Washington Boulevard and Landmark Avenue

5) Washington Boulevard/Washington Place/Zanja Street

6) Washington Boulevard and Inglewood Boulevard

7) Washington Boulevard and Centinela Avenue

8) Washington Boulevard and National Boulevard

This project was tentatively scheduled to begin on February 3 and be completed in June, 2014.

• Expo Line Construction and Road Closure Impacts - As part of the construction of Phase 2 of the Expo Light Rail Line, work crews from the general contractor Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. (BBII) and its subcontractor are in the process of relocating an existing water line along Venice Boulevard. The work will continue through approximately Friday, February 10. Work times for this portion of the project will be:

9 pm to 6 am, Sunday through Thursday, and

midnight to 8 am on Saturday.

Work activities will include saw-cutting, asphalt and concrete removal, trench excavation, installation of a new utility line, backfilling and asphalt restoration. Heavy machinery will be used including excavators/backhoes, front-end loaders and trucks.

Traffic Impacts

• Eastbound Venice Boulevard will be reduced to one lane of traffic between Culver Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard.

• Left turns onto Northbound Robertson Boulevard from Eastbound Venice Boulevard will be prohibited, and traffic will be detoured to National Boulevard.

• Traffic from the Eastbound I-10 Freeway Robertson Boulevard off-ramp will be detoured onto northbound Robertson Boulevard. Through traffic across the intersection will not be allowed and left and right turns onto Venice Boulevard will be prohibited.

• Northbound Robertson Boulevard traffic, coming from Washington Boulevard, will be detoured onto eastbound Venice Boulevard to National Boulevard. Through traffic to northbound Robertson Boulevard and left turns onto westbound Venice Boulevard will be prohibited.

• Traffic lanes on westbound Venice Boulevard may be intermittently impacted from Ellis Avenue to just west of Robertson Boulevard.

Police Department

• Tellefson/Tilden Neighborhood Watch Meeting: On January 20 the Tellefson/Tilden Avenue Association held its quarterly meeting. Captain Ron Iizuka met with the members and discussed several issues in the area. Council Member Jim Clarke was also in attendance.

• Culver Crest Neighborhood Association: On January 21 the Culver Crest Neighborhood Association held a meeting at Mary Crest Manor. Lieutenant Allen Azran attended the meeting and gave the group an update on crime trends.

• La Ballona School Career Day: On January 27 Officer Al Casillas and Sergeant Aubrey Kellum spent time with the students to discuss a career in law enforcement.

• Lieutenant Curt Massey Memorial: On January 28 members of the Police Department along with Curt’s family held a memorial service to honor Curt for his ultimate sacrifice five years ago this month.

Fire Department

• Strike Team Deployment – On January 16 Culver City Battalion Chief Brian Savage was assigned as XLA-1075A Strike Team Leader. Chief Savage, along with one Culver City Engine and two Engines from both Beverly Hills and Santa Monica responded to the Colby fire in the City of Glendora. Personnel arrived on-scene and were immediately put to work protecting structures and extinguishing fire along the western flank of the fire in the City of Azusa. Personnel reported a very active fire and were busy throughout the night. Off-duty members were emergency recalled back to work and staffed a reserve engine to provide services here in Culver City. Personnel returned on January 17, 2014 and reported that no structures were lost in their assigned areas and no civilian or firefighter injuries were reported.

• EOC Activation – In support of the Colby Fire, the Los Angeles County Emergency Operations Center was activated on the morning of January 16 . Culver City’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Christine Parra, reported to the County’s EOC and was immediately was placed in the DMAC (District Management Area Coordinator) position. Her primary role was to communicate with the Field DMAC at the Incident Command Post, gather pertinent information, and then relay that information to the appropriate sections within the EOC. The County’s EOC remained at a Level 3 (fully staffed) until approximately 4:30 pm at which time the EOC Director dismissed most of the people in the EOC and lowered the activation to a Level 1 (limited positions and duty status).

• Badge Ceremony – On January 20 members joined together at Fire Station #1 for a Badge Ceremony. This was an opportunity for Fire Department personnel, along with family and friends of the recipients, to celebrate the accomplishments of four Probationary Firefighters and one Firefighter/Paramedic. Probationary Firefighters Alec de Mattos, Nicholas Temple, Michael Canchola, and Edward McGavren all successfully completed their one year probation. Also being recognized was Firefighter/Paramedic Roger Braum, who was promoted to Fire Captain. All five of these individuals demonstrated the knowledge, skills, abilities, qualities, and traits the department encourages and fosters.

Parks, Recreation and Community Services

• Veterans Memorial Building – The exterior of Veterans Memorial Building is featured on the cover of the 2014 Culver City Chamber of Commerce “The Guide - Culver City.”

• DanceSport Championships - USA Dance / Orange County Chapter presents the Southwest Regional DanceSport Championships, a qualifying event for the 2014 USA National DanceSport Championships, in Veterans Memorial Auditorium on January 31 and February 1. More information is available by visiting

• Jon Lindsay Productions - Jon Lindsay Productions returns to Veterans Memorial Auditorium on February 8 with the Gold Coast Muscle Classic. More information is available by visiting

• The Actors Hall of Fame - The First Annual Actors Hall of Fame Induction Celebration will be presented in Veterans Memorial Auditorium on February 9. More information is available by visiting

• Photo Display at Vets Building and The Plunge - Photographic prints depicting the stars and scenes from classic MGM films are on display at Veterans Memorial Building and the Culver City Municipal Plunge. These photographic prints are on permanent loan courtesy of the Culver City Historical Society, through a donation by NMS Properties. Scenes from the Wizard of Oz and other MGM films may be viewed in the VMB hallway. A large print featuring Esther Williams, in the 1952 film Million Dollar Mermaid, may be viewed in the lobby at the Plunge.

• Culver City Senior Center - Membership registration continues for the new year at the Culver City Senior Center. Dozens of workshops, seminars, movies, exercise classes, concerts, dance classes, art classes, language classes and more are offered every week at the Center. Membership is $13 a year plus an additional $5 for a parking pass. Registration takes place Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday & Sunday noon to 3:30 pm. Gym membership and newsletter mailing fees are additional.

• The Senior Nutrition Program - The Senior Nutrition Program staff, Roxana Tabibi and Barbara Silverstein, received The Golden Apple Award FY 2012-2013. This award is given for successfully completing the in–service training sessions on food safety and quality. The award acknowledges that the staff made a significant contribution and possesses the knowledge and skill to provide safe, quality service at the Culver City nutrition site.


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