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Eatalian Cafe Opens Enjoeat in Culver City


February 6, 2014

On Monday, Eatalian Cafe opened two new locations in Downtown Culver City: EnjoEat Espresso, and EnjoEat Classico (3912- 3918 Van Buren Pl.

EnjoEat Espresso is a bakery, café, and gelato shop. It is like the small café you find everywhere in Italy, where you can get your coffee, cappuccino, fresh pastries, panini, tramezzini, gelato, salads, and healthy and tasty snacks for a quick lunch or break.

The menu is rich of surprises like gnocco farcito, tramezzini, piadina romagnola ... and don't forget to ask for the house spread, A smooth, light and tasty spread with no mayo.

At Espresso, you'll be also able to buy bakery products, from fresh types of bread, to cakes, tarts, pastries and mignons; the Eatalian Cafe's well known gelato, mozzarella freshly made at its Gardena location, and other Italian cheese, cold cuts and sott'olio (Italian vegetables pickled in oil).

EnjoEat Classico is a fast-casual restaurant at lunch,and a full-service restaurant for dinner. Lunch is served from 11 am to 5 pm with healthy food, quick service and no frills. The customer orders at the counter and the food is served at the table.

Each pasta or entrée comes with a side dish or soup. This simplifies ordering and assures a well-balanced meal. From 5 pm EnjoEat Classico turns into a full-service restaurant, with an expanded menu, rich of original dishes and a lot of seasonal specials.

The menu is specially designed for the purpose of providing a well-balanced and healthy meal, with lots of fish, vegetables and light recipes. Freshly baked bread, local mozzarella made at the Gardena facility, seasonal vegetables complement your Italian culinary experience.

In addition to the clean, simple and nice interior design, the place features a cozy and private patio, with tables outside and no cars passing by, so that you really feel the ambiance of a European piazza.

EnjoEat Classico and Espresso will deliver a different food experience than what you get at Eatalian Cafe in Gardena. Both places, Espresso and Classico, have been designed according to Antonio Pellini's vision and love for the food quality, process and for transparency.

Pellini, the guy behind Eatalian Cafe, ExEat and EnjoEat, came from Ventoso, a small village of about 800 people in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region five years ago, and with a group of friends from the same village opened Eatalian Café.

EnjoEat Espresso Hours: 7am to 8 pm

EnjoEat Classico Hours: 11 am to 10 pm - Lunch served until 5 pm (casual service) – dinner from 5 pm

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