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Dear Editor


October 31, 2013

Dear Editor,

I’ve been teaching adapted physical education in Culver City Unified for over 10 years and work with “special needs” children. I’m frustrated with how the district spends taxpayer money.

Why not fix the pool for three million and use the rest of the 7.7 million on air conditioning, faulty plumbing, and contrast paints on playgrounds (Helps visually impaired children from being injured.).

Examples of problems and where the money should go

1) Nurse’s station at CCHS 96 degrees (Sept 2013) >Air Cleaner / Air conditioner,

2) Orange water at the middle school > Fix the plumbing,

3) Fixing the door bottom guards to prevent mice and roach infestations in the classrooms. -Door guards

4) Copper & Silver ionization units for the pool and drinking water – kills bacteria and viruses at a fraction of the cost of chlorine. *This process cuts maintenance of the pool by 75%.

I’m voting for Robert Zirgulis because he stands for better wages, responsible spending, and saving the district money by stopping this foolish move to fill in the swimming pool. If you don’t fix the pool, the district will spend 10.7 million dollars to tear it down.

Scott Thornton

Adapted Physical Education


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