Environmental Award Goes to Culver School Board


October 31, 2013

Green California Schools has awarded the 2013 Green Schools Leadership Award in the category of "Energy" to the Culver City Unified School Board for its Green5 program.

The award will be presented at the Green California Schools Summit, November 6 at Pasadena Convention Center.

Board Member Karlo Silbiger in announcing the award said, "I am delighted that the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) that I started in 2010 has developed the innovative programs, such as Green 5, recognized by the 2013 Green Schools Leadership Award award.

" My hope at the time was that Board advisory committees, such as ESC, would bring together parents, staff, teachers and greater community members to provide expertise, skills and knowledge in areas where the Board and District expertise may not be as fully developed.

"ESC has surpassed all my expectations. Not only have they provided extremely helpful advice on current projects before the Board, such as the recent solar project, but ESC also helped identify opportunities, such as the Green5 initiatives, that were achievable but had not been recognized by the District and Board."

The Green5 campaign is an educational program successfully piloted at Linwood E. Howe Elementary School in 2012 that is designed to build awareness of environmental sustainability within our school community and save money in the process.

The Campaign consists of five simple ways to reduce consumption and recycle more carefully: (1) Open the blinds and use the sun to light up rooms; (2) Share appliances and unplug them when they are not in use; (3) Close windows and doors when the heat or air-conditioning is on; (4) Use refillable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles, and; (5) Reduce consumption! Reuse whatever you can! Recycle whenever possible!

Silbiger further noted "Green5's achievements and plans, including use of recyclable materials only in lunchrooms, waste-free cafeterias and recycling programs will benefit our environment and are providing important lessons to our kids.

" I invite the entire CCUSD community to join me in thanking the Environmental Sustainability Committee, pioneering members of Green5 at Linwood E. Howe and members of the Green5 initiatives at all our schools for their hard work and dedication to our students, schools and environment."


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