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Dear Editor


October 17, 2013

Dear Editor,

As a sitting School Board member, I respond to the more practical qualities of my new colleagues. With such a full field of candidates, each of us will find the three individuals who best represent our values.

I have advocated for Karlo Silbiger, my incumbent colleague on the Board, and newcomer Claudia Vizcarra. In each case, the values and compassion I have lived with these past 76 years resonate in the attitudes and decisions of these two candidates.

I request that my community members consider them in the light of their various meet and greet opportunities, their city-wide walking campaigns and their media commentaries. Listening to their responses to direct questions will soon reveal their knowledge and qualifications to remain or become Board members.

One final point, it’s not in my nature to demand compliance with my opinions. That is not weakness on my part, rather it is a deep respect for the views of my neighbors and long-time friends. Voting for the candidates of your choice is your right and my only urging is that you participate in this very important election.

All the candidates bring unique skills to the Board table. Knowing some of them personally helps inform our votes. Participate in your local political scene and thereby will you have influence on Culver City’s future


Nancy Goldberg

Culver City


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