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Dear Editor


September 19, 2013

We are the founding members of the Going Green Group of Tara Hill Condominiums located at Indian Wood Road and Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City.

As you are aware, the complex is situated adjacent to the PXP Oil Field and on an earthquake fault line. We are writing to urge that the Culver City Council ban hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in and under our city until the practice is proven to be safe.

If the oil companies want to engage in fracking in our community they should be required to indemnify Culver City residents and homeowners for any property or personal damages arising from the practice.

Please advice as soon as possible as to the Council’s position on a fracking ban in Culver City so that we may report back to our Tara Hill community.

Best regards,


Deborah Scott

Bernadette Dollard

Britt-Marie Potter

Diana Hrabowecki

Jack Garrett

Marvin Ridgely

Tina Janzen


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