CCEF Launches Fall Campaign


September 19, 2013

The Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) has launched its 2013-14 annual fundraising drive. CCEF is unique among parent support groups in Culver City schools because it alone dedicates its efforts not to a single school site or program, but to every student at every school, every day.

That means that if you have a child in a CCUSD preschool or elementary school, your contribution to CCEF will support not only your child’s current school, but it will be working to make possible programs and equipment that your child will benefit from at every CCUSD school your student attends, right through high school graduation!

Every year, CCEF raises hundreds of thousands of additional dollars for CCUSD schools. If your child is already in the high school, your student has had opportunities to learn and discover every year thanks to technology, equipment and programs made possible by CCEF.

And when we raise money to educate our children, the benefits don’t stop at the schoolhouse. They reach out to every corner of the community in quality of life, lower crime rates, higher property values. Plus when all of us join as one community in support of our youth, we give our children the strongest possible foundation on which to build their lives and our future.

That’s why three years ago when the economy tumbled and the state of California was making deep cuts in school funding, CCEF began the All for 1 campaign. You may have seen it proclaimed in banners at school sites or on cars driving about town.

CCEF named the campaign All for 1 in order to emphasize the power we gain by joining together as a community. It is a strength far greater than the total number of dollars raised, because that community support in itself is so valuable in giving children a deep sense of where they come from and the confidence to open the doors to their dreams.

Yet, the actual dollars raised do matter. And CCEF is proud that the dollars raised in last year’s All for 1 campaign made it possible for the city’s five elementary schools and middle school to provide extra support for struggling students through Successmaker software, and similar support through Odyssey software at the high school.

All for 1 funds raised last year bought recorders for all CCUSD third graders, made it possible to continue the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at the middle school and high school, and provided intervention and enrichment for students in our Office of Child Development pre-school.

With students at the heart of all we do, CCEF is asking every one of you to make our annual fundraising campaign a community effort by contributing whatever you can afford. Donations can be made online at, just look under the menu ‘How You Can Help’ or send a donation by mail to: CCEF, P.O. Box 4278, Culver City, CA 90231.


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