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Bass Applauds President, Waivers on Military Action


September 12, 2013

Karen Bass

Culver City Congresswoman Karen Bass, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement regarding the President’s address to the nation on Syria:

“Last night, on the eve of the anniversary of September 11, President Obama demonstrated immense leadership by presenting a path forward in Syria, one that would remove chemical weapons from Syria’s control while avoiding military strikes.

"President Obama poignantly outlined the facts behind the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons to the American people, highlighted the resulting threats to our national security, and asserted the need to hold Syria accountable for its horrendous use of lethal gas that killed more than 1,000 people.

"I applaud President Obama’s commitment to pursuing all diplomatic options prior to a military strike. While the threat of military action remains on the table and I remain undecided about the Congressional authorization for the use of military force, I strongly support the Obama Administration’s strategy to ensure that Syria disables all of its chemical weapons and accepts longstanding international law by signing the Chemical Weapons Convention.”


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