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Dear Editor


August 20, 2013

Dear Editor,

I sincerely appreciate the many calls, emails, and messages of support that I have received to seek re-election for another four year term. But, due to unforeseen family circumstances and additional college responsibilities, I will not be seeking a second four-year term on the CCUSD Board of Trustees. My last Board meeting will be the last meeting in November 2013.

I want to thank the many supporters that have encouraged me and provided vast support and consul during the past four years. It has been a privilege to serve as a member of the Culver City Unified School District since my election in November 2009. I feel honored that the citizens of Culver City placed their trust in me to represent them as one of their representatives on the Culver City School Board.

I have committed my life to public service and community and I am proud of my record, as a public servant. I am committed to education and community that is why I have dedicated 37 years of my life to our children and community: Professor, officer of the Board of Governors of Brotman Medical Center (7 years), Board of Governors of the 112 Community Colleges (Sacramento) and many other district, state and community organizations. For our CCUSD I brought my state and local experience, in order to prepare our students for success in the international and global context – because that is what our children will face when they graduate from our district.

When my time is up on the Board, I can reflect upon the many accomplishments that that Board has made during the past four years, to name several:

· Fiscally, the District is reducing the deficit spending (of the past) to where the District will now have a balanced budget

· All of our schools have raised their API (Academic Placement Index) significantly, within the last two years!

· As the Board’s elected representative to the CSBA (California School Board Association) I introduced the idea to the Board for the establishment of its annual goals and objectives. During the academic year, 2011-12, for the first time in the history of the District, the Board of Trustees developed and adopted its annual goals and objectives, which will guide their actions as it relates to its fiscal and educational accountability. The purpose of the Board’s adoption and completion of its annual goals will give the public the transparent documented ability to see how the Board has been accountable to the public within its educational and fiscal actions and responsibilities.

· The Board, unlike the majority of the Districts in California, has eliminated furloughs for our faculty and staff, so that they are able to dedicate more valuable time to our children.

· The District is in the process of providing our students with an innovative “new school” that will concentrate on a “blended curriculum and education” (online and on campus), which will help our students immensely.

· Action Plans for renovating the Robert Frost Auditorium are in the works.

Because we have a dynamic team of trustees, faculty, staff and administrators, I am confident that our children, community and city will see some dynamic and wonderful actions in the spring of 2014 which will have a powerful impact on the future for our CCUSD children, family and community.

My family has lived in Culver City since 1973 and it has truly been an honor to serve, with integrity and honesty, this community that I love! Thank you so much for your continued encouragement and active support.


Professor Patricia G. Siever, Vice President

CCUSD Board of Trustees


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