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Man Attacked on Culver Bike Path


Man Attacked on Culver Bike Path

Bill Fournell, a member of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District Board of Trustees, was attacked by three Hispanic males who violently attempted to rob him on the Ballona Creek bike path in Culver City.

According to reports in the Easy Reader, a South Bay Newspaper, Fournell, suffered a broken collarbone, broken ribs and punctured lungs from the assault.

On Thursday, July 19, Fournell was commuting from Farmer’s Insurance office in Mid-Wilshire along the bike path heading home to his Manhattan Beach home when three men sitting off the side of the trail stuck out a bicycle in his way. Fournell flew into the air with his road bike and landed on his shoulder.

Two of the men left the scene immediately after the crash, the remaining man tried to forcefully pull the bike out from under him. A “tug of war” ensued over the bike for several minutes, but the victim refused to give up and the remaining suspect then fled the scene.

The suspect reached in his pocket and fearing the man had a gun or knife, Fournell was ready to surrender his bike. The suspect then pulled his empty hand from his pocket and fled the scene.

Fournell contacted both the Culver City Police and Fire Departments who transported him to UCLA Medical Center where he spent the next five days.

Lt. Jason Sims of the Culver City Police Department said investigators are “still working on leads” and have not yet made any arrests.


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