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Dear Editor


Dear Editor,

As most of us know, the Culver City Board of Trustees (CCUSD) election will occur in November of this year. It appears that there is a small political group, of “United” people, that has chosen a candidate to run for the Board and there is also a non-Board member who is running for the open seats on the Board.

It appears that the foregoing candidates’ election campaigns are based upon misinformation, with the intent to sway our intelligent Culver City public toward their disingenuous pronouncements: “…the Board is divided”…” they should come together…” etc.

It seems that some people choose to ignore and make a mockery of the unity and achievements that this Board of Trustees has displayed over the past four years. Of course, like most individuals, members of the Board may disagree on specific courses of action or items. But, the Board members have shown a united commitment and dedication to provide our children/students with the best education, facilities, faculty and staff which has been made manifest, to name a few examples:

· The excellent Board- approved renovations in progress, like the beautiful Athletic field and bleachers providing our students and athletes with a safe and updated environment – which will be completed by the opening of the Fall semester (September, 2013)

· The innovative programs, such as providing our homeless students and parents with food and other resources, where they can acquire some self-sufficiency, and academic and vocational success.

· The free lunch program at La Ballona during the Summer open to our students.

· Eliminating layoffs of our teachers,

· Giving our deserving faculty and staff across the board 2% raises for their work and love for our children.

· Expansion of our language program into the Middle and High schools.

To reiterate for those few soothsayers: All members of our Board are united in working for the best for our children and community. We are moving forward with meaningful and knowledgeable information and discussions/dialogue that will lead our District forward, for example: what impact will Prop.30 have on our2013-14 budget, the Parcel tax and all of its ramifications and of course the work on the Obligation Bond! Yes, we will see some wonderful and enlightening actions in the Spring of 2014 which will have a powerful impact on the future for our CCUSD children, family and community.

Clarification: I understand that one of the recent writers of the letters to the Editor was a little confused on the article that appeared:” Machiavelli: Do the Ends Justify the Means?”. So, for the record, as a tenured Professor in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), I get full LACCD Health Insurance benefits and receive none from the CCUSD.

If people are interested in this issue, CCUSD Health Benefits for the Trustees, there is a regular quarterly report regarding this issue. Check the CCUSD Website at

Patricia Siever

CCUSD Board of Trustees.


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