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Sewer Rates Scheduled To Rise


Sewer Rates Scheduled To Rise

The city plans to increase sewer rates on Culver City residents and business owners at a public hearing scheduled for July 22.

The increase will raise sewer rates each year for the next three years with the increases averaging 4 percent per year.

The city claims the increases are needed to adequately fund the cost of providing sewer services in the city. Maintenance, operations and capital improvements to the sewer system are provided by sewer taxes.

A voting system has been established for property owners wishing to oppose the tax hike. Those in opposition are required to write a written letter of protest which must include the name of the property owner, a description of the property, the assessor’s parcel number or property address and must be signed by the property owner.

Protests must be mailed or delivered to the Culver City Clerk by conclusion of the public hearing.

If a majority of the property owners oppose the increase the tax hike will not take place. Property owners supporting the tax hike are not required to take any action.

Sewer taxes were last increased in 2007/08.

If the increase is approved it will be retroactive to July 1, 2013 and will be shown on property tax bills mailed in October.

Additional detailed information can be found at the Culver City Clerk’s office or by calling (800) 676-7516.


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