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Dear Editor


Dear Editor,

Let's end the political partisan bickering. We still have time to put an EE Parcel tax on the ballot with the support of the school board.

Four years ago, all the candidates for School Board at the time, came to Scott Ziedman's house and buried their political differences to come out and support Parcel Tax Measure E.

I did not let personal differences with one of the candidates interfere with my giving full support and campaigning door to door for Measure EE'.

I support calling for a special meeting of the board of education on July 30 to revive putting the Bond issue on the ballot. If the board doesn't vote to have it on the ballot, I will call on the board to support an alternative resolution in favor of a renewal of Measure EE parcel tax this November.

I am now calling for a" truce" and "bury the so-called hatchet" to end the partisan bickering that doesn't help our kids and our schools.

I believe it is time to form a "Renew Measure EE Parcel Tax Committee.There really is no reason to not support a renewal of Measure EE because all the past board members supported it in the first place.

I'm calling former organizers of Measure EE, the United Parents of Culver City, the present School Board and candidates, and any interested citizens to contact me to set up a meeting to form the committee to renew the Measure EE parcel tax.

My phone number is 310 486-7408, email

Robert Zirgulis

Culver City


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