Watch Out For Tax Scams

By Neil Rubinstein

Observer Columnist

From the "Let's Gouge the Taxpayers" file . . .

Maryland is taxing homeowners approximately $100 per year because their roofs, driveways and all other structures don't allow rainwater to naturally soak into the ground. Maryland also charges $2.50 per month for wastewater fees.

In Connecticut children's diapers are taxed but not adult diapers.

In Chicago a fountain soda is taxed three times higher than canned soda. And the feds are considering a three cent tax on soda.

In New York sliced bagels have an eight cent tax while unsliced bagels are not taxed.

In Colorado hot and cold cups are nontaxable but the lids and cup sleeves for those same cups are subject to tax.

From the "Hard to Believe" file I read the results of the long investigation by Florida's Tampa Bay Times regarding the disposition of charitable donations. I sincerely hope those generous people who live in our city will carefully review these scams and instead donate to the Culver City Youth Health Center. Keeping the money in our town for the health and well-being of the students should be a priority.


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