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City Manager's Update


City Manager's Update

July 5, 2013

City Manager’s Office

· Oversight Board of the Successor Agency to the Culver City Redevelopment Agency – On July 3 the Oversight Board adopted a Resolution approving the Long Range Property Management Plan (LRPMP) and directed the Successor Agency Executive Director to submit the Plan to the State Department of Finance. The proposed LRPMP includes 38 real (non-housing) properties. These properties are categorized as follows: 1) properties to be retained for governmental use; 2) properties to be retained for future development; 3) properties to be sold; and 4) properties to be used to fulfill enforceable obligations.

Community Development Department

· Landlord Tenant Mediation Board – The Housing Division received 16 mediation requests for two separate apartment buildings (10 for one building and six for the other building). This is the third large mediation request since November 2012. A group of 10 mediation requests took place in November 2012 for an apartment building on Wade Street. For both mediations, the rent increased by up to 100% of the current rent and ranged from $500 to $900 per month increases. Many of the tenants were long-term tenants with residency as long as 15 to 19 years. The mediations took place on June 24 and June 25, 2013. Both mediations had the same outcome. The management company/owner did not agree to a reduction in the rent increase. Both agreed to delay the increase for tenants who wished to relocate. Therefore, if the tenant gave a notice to vacate, the rent increase would not be effective for 60 days, allowing the tenant to save funds to relocate to another unit. Both management companies/owners agreed to provide $1,000 in relocation fees to tenants wishing to vacate and promised to refund full security deposits to assist with relocation expenses. Each also agreed to stagger increases for tenant wishing to remain in their units. Therefore, instead of a large lump rental increase the increase would be incrementally implemented over a 90 day period to allow the tenant to financially adjust. Lastly, both management companies/owners agreed to conduct inspections of all units to make all repairs and address deferred maintenance issues.

· Tilden Terrace – The Tilden Terrace Project has received a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. A total of 15 families have been approved. Of this number, 40% live/work in Culver City. 17 families are going through the final stages of the certification process. One single mother expressed her gratitude because her child attends school at La Ballona and now she can easily walk her to school. Another family stated this is the first time they have ever had new appliances. Not only is the Tilden Terrace project improving a blighted location, it is also positively impacting the lives of many families.

· Culver Villas – The Culver Villas apartments, located at 4043 Irving Place, will be accepting on-line applications from the hours of 9 am to 3 pm on July 12, 13, and 15. A limited number of computers will be available to the public in the Patacchia Room during those hours for individuals with no access to a computer or the Internet and to assist the elderly and disabled. There are three low income and nine moderate income units available. As part of outreach, articles were placed in the Culver City News, The Culver City Observer, the Los Angeles Wave, the Los Angeles Sentinel and La Opinion. Announcements were placed on the City’s website and Intranet as well as distributed to the Culver City Senior Center, the Julian Dixon Library, the Culver City Unified School District and to local non-profit organizations.

· Red Bread - A bakery/market/community space will soon open at 13322 West Washington Boulevard. Red Bread will offer sourdough, Russian black and whole wheat breads, cookies, toast, custards, and bread puddings.

  • Building Safety Division – The Building Safety Division revenues generated for FY 2012/13 have exceeded $3 million, with technology surcharge fees reaching over $140,000.
  • Doubletree Hotel – Plans gave been submitted for a tenant improvement / renovation to upgrade guest rooms at the hotel to include finishings, fixture replacements and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades.
  • Smile Finders – Plans have been approved for a tenant improvement for a new dental office located at 5795 Washington Boulevard.

Fire Department

· Fire Operations Training – Fire Department personnel were provided access to conduct fire operations type training on a building located at 6201 Green Valley Circle. This two-story office complex is slated for demolition, and the FD was granted access to conduct training over a four day period. Fire personnel conducted “mock” interior firefighting, roof operations (ventilation), search and rescue, and forcible entry. This realistic type training provides our personnel the opportunity to train on a variety of evolutions utilizing different techniques. This training opportunity proved to be very valuable for all our personnel.

· Expo Line Drill - On June 30 the Culver City Fire Department participated in a full scale exercise at Culver City’s Expo Line platform. Numerous agencies including the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Culver City Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and CERT members were involved in a simulated train crash/derailment with numerous injuries at the Culver City station. The drill began at approximately 9:30 AM. The scenario presented responders with a simulated Multiple Casualty Incident with approximately 15 patients. Each of the involved agencies practiced their emergency procedures and special attention was given to interagency coordination. This was an excellent training opportunity that enhanced the Fire Department’s operational readiness and enhanced the working relationships with our neighboring agencies.

Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department

· Senior and Social Services – Every week at the Senior Center, L.A. County staff is available to answer questions regarding mental health and general health issues. “Ask the Nurse & Ask the Therapist” is held Tuesdays 9 am to10 and is free to members who are 50 and older.

The Summer Follies Talent Show will take place at the Culver City Senior Center at 1 pm on Tuesday, July 16. This variety show will feature the many talents of our Senior Center members.

The 2013 summer interns from Symantec will be welcomed to the Senior Center on Wednesday, July 17, where they will be assisting at the Center’s quarterly workshop about electronic devices. Individuals ages 50 and older, who would like technical assistance with their phone, laptop, tablet, etc., may stop by the Senior Center from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

The summer White Elephant Sale at the Senior Center will be held on Monday, July 22 from 9 am to noon. The event is open to the public and will feature many eclectic items for sale.

· Veterans Memorial Building – Culver City Rock & Mineral Club presents its annual “Fiesta of Gems” at Veterans Memorial Building on July 13 and 14. More information is available at

· Fiesta La Ballona – Zero Waste is both a goal and a plan of action for Fiesta 2013. The goal is to ensure resource recovery and protect scarce natural resources. The plan encompasses waste reduction, composting, recycling and reuse, changes in consumption habits and encourages Fiesta participants to view zero waste as a personal evolution in the relationship between waste and people. Staff and Committee Members are actively publicizing and providing avenues for Fiesta-goers to easily carpool, ride share, bike it or walk to the Fiesta.

· Culver City Performing Arts Grant Program – We Tell Stories presents free interactive performances for children at the Culver City Julian Dixon Library on Wednesdays at 2 pm until August 7. More information is available at

· Recreation – Camp season is in full swing. On June 28 the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services hosted its third Annual Olympic Day. Each year, in collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee, the Department holds a week-long appreciation of Olympians and the Olympic Games. This year, Olympians Gerard Moreno, Shawn Crawford, Armando Muniz and Ron Skarin shared their personal experiences with more than 180 campers. Campers enjoyed lunch with Olympic participant guests and spent the afternoon participating in various events, including soccer, hockey, badminton, ping pong and much more. Camp participants received ribbons and awards signed by the Olympians. For more information about Olympic Day and to learn more about this movement that’s sweeping the nation, please visit

Police Department

· Ride Along with the St. Joseph’s Center Staff -On June 24 Rachael Roberts and Katie Lewis, case managers for the St. Joseph’s Homeless Service Center, spent several hours with Sgt. Gary Irwin on a ride along. They spoke to several homeless persons who are in various stages of the process required to obtain housing. They also discussed issues related to homelessness and ideas about ways to address those issues.

· Thank You from Lindberg Park Neighborhood Watch –At the June 24 City Council meeting Ira Diamond voiced his appreciation to the Police Department for their dedication a hard work to make the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Watch program a positive and how it brings the community together.

· Thank You from El Marino Elementary School Walk n’ Rollers – Also at the June 24 City Council meeting Jim Shanman, founder of the Culver City Bike Coalition, also expressed his thanks to the Police Department for its participation in El Marino Elementary School’s Walk n’ Rollers program.

· Culver Crest Neighborhood Association -On June 25 Lt. Jason Sims and Captain Ron Iizuka attended the Culver Crest Neighborhood meeting and discussed the upcoming Citizen’s Police Academy, crime trends and the Department’s social media program.


· Transportation Department Awarded a $4.2 Million Call for Projects Grant to Replace Buses - Metro’s 2013 Call for Projects is a competitive grant program that co-funds new regionally significant capital projects. Approximately every other year, Metro accepts Call for Projects applications from local jurisdictions, transit operators, and other eligible public agencies in a variety of modal categories. The Transportation Department submitted a grant application through the 2013 Call for Projects (under the Transit Capital category) and has been awarded $4.2 million to purchase ten 40-foot Compressed Natural Gas buses to replace existing buses that will reach the end of their useful life in FY 2017. For this Call for Projects cycle, 207 applications were received under all categories, and Metro is recommending 93 projects totaling $195 million for funding. Under the Transit Capital category, 32 applications were received, and Metro is recommending 17 projects totaling $31.5 million for funding.


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