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Culver City News Vol 106 NO. 22 May 30th. 2013...So the United Parents of Culver City have endorsed their candidates for school board. They have endorsed a rocket scientist. Hey you can't go wrong with a rocket scientist right!?

He's an award-winning volunteer and a great listener. Wait what?? A great listener that sounds like something out of a personal ad. Nothing against the rocket scientist this is directed at the United Parent of Culver City Scott Kecken who never responded to my email and the application for endorsement I filled out.

I bet the rocket scientist doesn't know we have a pool at the middle school. I bet Scott Kecken and Jennine Wisnosky Stehlin don't either. I hope i'm wrong.

Endorsement number 2 Kathy Paspalis..again nothing against Kathy but their endorsement of her is based on "She was a champion for parents on the district wide-parent funding and adjuncts and other issues" Did they really use the word parent twice in one sentence?? Yep!! Also..."She has toured the schools listening to parents' priorities for the school bond" ummm....TAX!!

another good listener...

You know what! I am a bad listener because people keep telling me I can’t get the Natatorium reopened and I just won't listen to that. Not once in this article is the word... Child, Children, Kids used to endorse anyone...The word parent was used 10 times.. They also made it a point to let everyone know they are having a fundraiser to raise money in support of the bond measure....They are raising money to raise TAXES!!???...

You’re either for the bond measure or against it WTF!

Apparently I don't know how this stuff works. When I met with Kathy regarding the Natatorium one thing that stuck in my mind was she kept asking me if I could raise money. Did have any money that I had already raised for my cause? I said no but I was ready to clean up the Natatorium with money out of my own pocket and I could pay for the cleanup using the scrap metal from the junk inside the Natatorium.

I also had the city ready to donate a trash bin for the clean up. I kept talking to her about Kids and teaching them to swim... It could maybe save someone’s life or it might just be good exercise and a great way to teach kids to overcome their fears.... It was like I was speaking a foreign language...The conversation kept going back to.. could I raise any money?? Hey I must be an idiot or something because I have not raised any money for the Natatorium...

The school board cares about kids I'm sure but at a high level overview 80,000 feet kinda stuff not in the trenches... to get something done about the Natatorium it has to be done in the trenches by people who care about the kids who would benefit from the pool.

Robert Smith

Culver City


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