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With the push of the unelected Los Angeles METRO Boards to encourage bicycle usage of ALL lanes of street travel as a right, I question responsibility that should go with rights.

In many cases, responsibility is being forced on vehicles and not required of bicyclists. I'm not going to argue the point of right since that is interrupted as the law; I'm concerned with MY rights and responsibilities as unlicensed bicyclists enter the public right away of the street.

Here are a few points I would like to ask about bicyclist's responsibility:

  • Insurance in case of an accident. Is my uninsured motorist insurance going to be raised because of their rights?
  • Motorcyclists are required to have helmets. Are all bicyclists?
  • Why can a bicyclist ride the street and then the sidewalk and then back on to pedestrian walkways?
  • Not only lights on the front and rear of their bikes, but I would like that lights need to be seen from a legal distance.
  • Should bicyclists be allowed to straddle the white line and then stop in front of vehicles at a red light?
  • Why bicyclists do not stop at Stop Signs and proceed as vehicles legally must do?
  • How do we tax bicyclists for maintenance of the right away as required of motor vehicle owners? "Free Parking." There is no such thing...

Just a few thoughts as the rights of bicyclists may become more important than motorists.

That's what I think...

Steven J. Rose, ACE


Culver City Chamber of Commerce


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