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Malsin Tops the List


March 20, 2013

Based on a public records request the Culver City Clerk releases figures on how much the city pays in health insurance benefits for retired council members.

Currently the city pays out almost $65,000 per year in health benefits. Topping the list is former councilmember Scott Malsin at $1,451.06 per month.

Malsin was followed by Gary Silbiger at $867.54, Paul Jacobs $740.86, Alan Corlin $558.09, Steven Rose and Ann Alexander (surviving spouse of Dick Alexander) each at $370.434 and Carol Gross $309.45 per month.

The city eliminated lifetime health benefits for city retirees which included councilmembers. Staff and councilmembers who retired prior to December 31, 2011 were not affected by the changes.

Malsin resigned his seat in December 2011 in order to keep his benefits for himself and his family. Three months later he ran to regain his seat and was defeated. Had Maslin won election he would have retained his lifetime health insurance benefits.

The benefits received by councilmembers are identical to those received by city employees and councilmember have the option to upgrade their benefits at their own expense.

Councilmembers are also part if the city’s retirement programs PERS which is addition to the health benefits and not affected by the changes.


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