Culver City High Just Says “No” To Bullying


By debbie lynn elias

On February 28, in conjunction with the Blu-Ray and DVD release of the critically acclaimed documentary BULLY, Culver City High joined in the nationwide celebration of Bully Awareness Day.

As part of the day-long event, CCHS screened the movie throughout the day to approximately 2,000 students. So touched by the students profiled in the documentary, one CCHS student made inquiry to his teacher about contacting one of the film’s subjects, Alex, to show his support and understanding.

Led by the CCHS Tolerance Club, attendees listened to speakers talk about the ills of bullying, including CCHS student Jacky Jung, who spoke about her own past of being a bully and how she has now changed.

Leading the countdown to the release of more than 300 balloons signifying freeing the evils of bullying was Shauna Case, one of the stars of Cartoon Network’s “Incredible Crew” and part of the Cartoon Network’s own bullying prevention campaign, “Stop Bullying: Speak Up!”.

BULLY, a documentary by director Lee Hirsch follows the stories of five students whose lives each represent a different face of America’s bullying crisis. The documentary has sparked national discussion and outcry on the evils of bullying, inspiring a call to action uniting parents, teachers and students in the fight against this long unchecked violence.

For more information on BULLY and efforts to stop bullying in your schools, learn more at and the Cartoon Network “Stop Bullying: Speak Up Campaign” at



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