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February 20, 2013

On Feb. 27, 2006 the Culver City City Council voted five ayes to enact an ordinance giving free curbside parking to those veterans whose automobile license plates indicate the owner was awarded the Medal of Honor, Legion of Valor, Purple Heart, Pearl Harbor Survivor or Former American Prisoners of War tag.

Seven years ago the council consisted of Mayor Albert Vera, Gary Silbiger, Steve Rose, Carol Gross and Alan Corlin. They learned that with the passage of this ordinance, our city would become the second city in California to pass similar legislation.

We have the late Robert Mann, a true hero and member of Jewish War Veterans Post 617 in Culver City, to thank for getting the ball rolling in Culver City after he learned about the passage of a similar law in Fresno. He was not only Culver City's but the West Coast's most honored non-commissioned officer from WW II.

A group composed of Jewish War Veterans members Robert Mann, Jerry King, Steve Rosmarin and myself; Ken Lock at AMVETS; Bill McTaggart and Sharon Thurgood of The American Legion; Efrem Violin, U.S. Navy; and Vince Motyl, U.S. Air Force worked for its passage.

The repercussions of Robert Mann's dedication even extended to the state level, where our Assembly Member (now Congresswoman) The Hon. Karen Bass sponsored AB 190, which was signed by the Governor.


Neil Rubenstein

Culver City


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