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January 24, 2013

The $75 winner of the "name each of the 50 governors and the amount of his/her annual salary" contest is Efrem Violin. I bet all those who participated were amazed that the average yearly income without benefits is $128,000, or $10,677 per month.

As of July 31, 2012 our city had 25 retirees who receive over $10,000 per month (UNBELIEVABLE):

Cerris Black, $15,079.61; Craig Bloor, $11,255.96; Donald Ruetz, $11,524.57; Elwin Cooke, $12,511.00; Henry Davies, $14,338.48; Jeffrey Eastman, $15,321.50; John Montanio, $11,031.26; Mary Chang, $10,487.73; Neil Petzing, $11,662.33; Raymond Scheu, $13,389.46; Robert Bruce, $11,743.60; Wallace Duval, $10,113.35; William Mount, $11,193.41; Dean Williams, $11,061.31; Gary Martin, $12,593.34; Gregory Smith, $11,843.89; James Davis, $11,134.57; Jerry Fulwood, $12,050.89; Manuel Ariza, $11,441.08; Michael Webb, $10,219.40; Paul Francis, $10,558.16; Richard Gallagher, $10,414.16; Thomas Murphy, $10,097.10; William Burck, $12,589.41; and Stephen Cunningham, $10,500.45.

At the other end of the retiree list are 27 former city employees whose pension check is less than $600 per month:

Alice Ohta, $455.89; Barbara Fox, $454.62; Alvin Jones, $328.75; Carl Porter, $376.15; Carlos Escobar, $242.26; Diane Miller, $394.78; Gianni Carpani, $544.15; Irene Ziegler, $345.08; Jesus Arenas, $208.52; Juanita Chafin, $278.88; Michael Romano, $443.17; Patricia Hall-Jacobs, $344.74; Rafael Arellano, $306.37; Robert Schraeder, $320.32; Steven Schwaiger, $61.19; Thomas Meza, $467.67; Connie Bowles, $501.11; Doris Henderson, $290.44; Harold Turner, $524.09; James Dade, $443.71; Jorge Alonzo, $569.94; Leslie Jones, $426.19; Patrice Bennett, $535.45; Paul Furden, $215.55; Richard Ogden, $562.99; Roger Michalek, $348.58; and Susan Yousefi, $488.39.

The facts are clear and cannot be disputed by any rational person. We have retired people getting more than all members of the House of Representatives, United States Senate and many of the 50 governors while others, if their only source of income was their Culver City pension, would need our help. I sincerely hope that my very good friend and neighbor, Bruce Anders, would put all his energy to capping the super fortunate and find a way to increase payments to those good employees who need a financial boost.

Neil Rubenstein

Culver City


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