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Clippers' Showtime is Pure Joy Time


January 3, 2013

By Bosmat Eynav

Special to the Observer

The 17-game winning streak is over but the party lives on at a Clippers game. The ambiance of the Staples Center is a living breathing thing; Jimi Hendrix in the air, sliced with electronic trance music to get you in the mood.

Anticipation builds in the players and live audience before the moment of that first whistle. It’s official. Party on.

Team spirit is at an all time high. High fives are everywhere to be seen. The Clippers move with one purpose, one goal. It is a pleasure to witness such harmony in a team.

On the court, the starting five is interspersed with the bench which creates a great dynamic with all the players. Errors are forgiven; second chances abound. This kind of support for each other creates good feeling amongst the players. It builds confidence and spectators get the bonus of watching this free flowing play. One gets the feeling that the players genuinely like each other.

Momentum builds, disbelief is suspended as we watch the Clippers rack up one victory after another in an unfettered winning streak.

Reminiscent of the acrobatics of the Harlem Globetrotters, they are more like the basketball team of Cirque Du Soleil. It is thrilling to watch and oh, so much fun. However, early as it is in the season, true fans hope the Clippers harness this momentum all the way to the playoffs and beyond.

Therefore, take care, my Clippers. Pace yourselves. These theatrics are brilliant, but risky. You are in it for the long haul. Injury can be devastating, as you well know. Try not to scatter all your energy. Look to the principles of Martial Arts. Cultivate your inner strength and don’t disperse it recklessly.

Keep the joy in the game. Keep the fire burning. We love your passion.

Please, however, be mindful of your bodies and energy. Take care. May

The Force Be With You.


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