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December 27, 2012

Writing as a person who enjoys competing in sports and who regards himself as a devoted sports fan, I thank the Culver City Observer for having employed Mitch Chortkoff, who is one of the greatest sports writers of the last century.

I have been reading sports pages since 1949 when Yankees and Dodgers played in the World Series. This was the time of the great radio announcers…Mel Allen with the Yankees, Red Barber with the Dodgers (who was joined a year later by Vin Scully), Curt Gowdy with the Red Socks and Marty Glickman, who announced the New York Knicks games. The greatest sports writer of his time was Grantland Rice.

This brings me to Mitch Chortkoff. There is no sports writer I know, since Grantland Rice, who combines his wisdom and feel for sports, a great writing style, intelligence and the acute powers of observationas Chortkoff. I have been reading his sports prose ever since his days with the Herald-Examiner and when he wrote for the Copley Press and appeared in the Santa Monica Outlook.

Why do I write this?

Just to share my opinion with the sports fans of Culver City that we have the great privilege to have in our town a sports writer like Mitch Chortkoff.

Mitch Chortkoff is to sports writing as Vin Scully is to sports broadcasting.

Rick Tuttle

Culver City


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