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October 16, 2012

Before you vote may I tell you the dirty big secret going around City Hall as they plan and scheme to pass Measure Y? They need your approval to pay ridiculous retiree pensions, medical benefits and super high wages. The city is millions of dollars under funded.

Let’s look at the yearly pensions these people get as Culver City retirees:

Cerris Black $180,955.32

Craig Bloor 135.071.88

Dean Williams 132,735.72

Donald Ruetz 138,294.84

Elwin Cooke 150,132.00

Gary Martin 151,120.08

Gregory Smith 142,126.68

Henry Davies 172,061.76

James Davis 133,614.84

Jeffrey Eastman 183,858.00

Jerry Fulwood 144,610.68

John Montanio 132,375.12

Manuel Ariza 137,292.96

Mary Chang 125,852.76

Michael Webb 122,632.80

Neil Petzing 139,947.96

Paul Francis 126,697.92

Raymond Scheu 160,673.52

Richard Gallagher 124,969.92

Robert Bruce 140,923.20

Stephen Cunningham 126,005.40

Thomas Murphy 121,172.40

Wallace Duval 121,360.20

William Burck 151,072.92

William Mount 134,320.92

Has anyone on the City Council told us for calendar year 2011 these civil servants made wages and benefits totaling the following?

John Nachbar $309,701

Michael Bowden 301,315

Christopher Sellers 319,270

Robert Bixby 321,513

Donald Pedersen 333,275

Raymond Scheu 304,539

Carol Schwab 290,698

Martin Cole 259,298

Jeff Muir 262,785

William Bischoff 253,513

Robert De La Puente 250,572

William Heins 250,017

Thomas Murphy 265,474

David White 299,263

John Richo 264,507

Christopher Gutierrez 282,566

Dave Tankenson 271,118

Charles Herbertson 254,804

Can we look at some present retirees? Consider Raymond Scheu. His yearly pay was $158,360; for 2011, the city put $63,817 into his retirement account and each month he gets $13,389.46 or $160,673.52 for the year, which is $2,313.52 more than when he was working.

Thomas Murphy had yearly base wages of $106,636. His present yearly pension is $121,172.40 or $14,536.40 more than he made in 2011. The city last year put $41,894 into his retirement account.

Paul Harada’s monthly pension is $9,542.84 and yearly pension is $114,514. In 2011 his yearly base wages were $110,908 and his pension exceeds his wages by $3,606.08.

There is so much more that the city hasn’t told us. If you vote Yes on Y do so with as much knowledge as you can get..

Neil Rubenstein

Culver City


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