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September 25, 2012

Bravo and thank you to the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF). I am a teacher with the CCUSD and as we enter our third week of school, I can honestly say that my daily work-load has become much more efficient due to a generous donation from the CCEF.

The Middle School received several new Elmo projectors and LCD projectors for the Math, Science and Language departments. I was one of the many recipients and I had no idea how much of a time saver this new technology would be.

My sixth grade Language Arts students are enjoying the benefits, too. With the new technology I can immediately show their individual work to an entire class as a teaching/learning tool. I no longer have to transform materials, articles or samples on overheads, saving both time and money.

Please join me in supporting CCEF’s “All For 1” Campaign. As a teacher and a parent, I have already made my monthly pledge; it takes a community to keep our schools great. It is as easy as going online to the website:

Thank you,

Cathi Green-Bratton - CCMS


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