Confusing Water Service Rules Made Clear


September 25, 2012

Golden State Water Company (GSWC) is the main water supplier for Culver City. However, many Culver City residents and businesses west of the 405 Freeway receive their water from the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP).

Culver City customers of LADWP are subject to penalties for over usage of water, but are not subject to LADWP’s restrictions pertaining to time of day or day of week for watering of lawns. Thus, Culver City residents are not impacted by the recent changes to LADWP’s ordinance governing water conservation.

As always, all Culver City residents and businesses are encouraged to conserve water, and everyone within the City is governed by the City’s restrictions on watering.

These restrictions cover, among other things, the frequency and period during which watering is allowed. Please refer to Culver City Municipal Code § 5.03 for the City’s current water conservation rules and note that the City has not declared a level 1, 2 or 3 water supply shortage, so only the permanent water conservation requirements are in place.


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