‘Elephant Room’ Will Make You Laugh


August 29, 2012

Observer Editor

Having reviewed several Douglas Theatre thought-provoking plays over the years, I went to Elephant Room on opening night realizing this would be different.

Three semi-pro magicians. Magic tricks. Nothing very serious.

Two days later, when I began writing this piece I struggled to locate a serious theme. Then I gave up and came to the obvious conclusion. This was a fun night out. Nothing more.

But there’s nothing wrong with that. The theatre in Culver City has 317 seats and every one was filled. The audience laughed a lot and had a good time.

I thought the play dragged a bit in the middle but then perked up with the help of audience participation.

A woman from the audience sparked a segment called “first date.’

The conversation was awkward until she was asked if she had a boyfriend.

“No” she replied, “I have a husband.”

The conversation continued with the thought that marriage can bring problems such as complicating your life.

“I haven’t experienced that,” she said. And it went from there.

She pulled it off so splendidly I concluded she was part of the act. But I was told she wasn’t.

For the most part the play featured magicians Dennis Diamond, Daryl Hannah and Louie Magic.

The director was Paul Lazar.

Elephant Room will continue until Sept. 16.

I’ve seen Douglas Theatre plays that were so grand I didn’t hesitate urging people to experience them.

I won’t do any urging about this one except to say if you want to escape your problems for 90 minutes and simply laugh, Elephant Room is for you.


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