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South Mar Vista Eyes Culver City


August 22, 2012

Some residents of a city wish for annexation to another city they can begin the process.

That is currently happening in South Mar Vista, where some residents are discussing the idea of being annexed to Culver City.

However, the odds of it happening are slim. That’s because the entire city of Los Angeles would have to vote on it. It’s the same with secession – a longshot to be successful after a long grueling battle.

In the recent past residents of San Fernando Valley cities embraced the idea, based on the premise they were contributing a lot of money but receiving little in return as major projects were limited to Los Angeles. But they were voted down.

In 2001 a secession attempt in the Valley resulted in a ballot measure that was soundly defeated.

The South Mar Vista attempt was first reported in the Argonaut newspaper. One concern is the poor condition of road is South Mar Vista.

One thought among some residents is a smaller city such as Culver could rebound from a down economy faster than a larger one such as Los Angeles.

Culver City Manager John Nachbar said he has not been approached about annexation.




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