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Zachariah Lehnen to be Tried For Double-Homicide


It’s been about a year since the double murder of 27-year old Erica Escobar and 89-year old Lucien Bergez in Culver City.

The killer, a 31-year old transient by the name of Zachariah Lehnen, was arrested two days after the crime was committed. Lehnen was said to have beaten and stabbed the Santa Monica citizens to death in their home on Huron Avenue near Washington Blvd.

Though he was released from jail in 2011 under “non-revocable parole” citizens rallied for him to appear before a court to be tried with double-homicide because evidence has been found against him regarding previous crimes.

He is scheduled for a pre-trial on July 27 where it will be determined whether he is eligible for the death penalty.


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