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Did you see the 9th Annual Crusin’ Back to the 50’s Car Show ad last week in this publication? There was NOT any ad. This is a direct violation of the Culver City Special Event Permit that was granted to the Culver City Exchange Club of Culver City by the City of Culver City’s Committee on Permits and Licenses!

From this year’s permit: "PUBLIC NOTIFICATION: The Event Operator will release at his cost, a Public Announcement notice in the local newspaper, that includes a map, two weeks before the event, to run once each week, providing information, a map, and the notice that there is no car show parking in the residential community".

The Car Shows organizers failure to release a public announcement notice last Thursday in the local papers was a direct violation of the permit. Last year the ads that were published failed to "notice that there is no car show parking in the residential community". That was a direct violation of their permit.

For the last three years the organizers of the Car Show have violated their special event permit on many different items. I brought it to the attention of the Committee on Permits and Licenses, after the Car Show last year, that the Exchange Club had violated their permit. They said the various departments would look into it. This year the Car Show is in violation again.

The 9th Annual Crusin’ Back to the 50’s Car Show may be a great event, but the organizers have been sanctioned by the City of Culver City's Sponsorship of the event, to act like a nine year old (9th Annual).

A nine-year-old that has behaved badly to the adjoining residential neighborhood and has no chance of being held responsible for their actions. The Car Show is like a nine-year old child that gets their way, with rules that their parents set, but look the other way when their children misbehave. Without accountability the child has a complete disregard for the rules and becomes a spoiled child.

A group that boldly and willfully violates rules and gets away with it is a very bad example to set. When a government chooses to ignore it, they loose credibility. Why would citizens trust government that is less then credible?

Cary Anderson

Culver City


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