By Stephen Hadland
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O’Leary Highlights City Accomplishments at Mayor’s Luncheon


Wrapping up his year as Culver City Mayor, Micheal (Mehaul) O’Leary sang and spoke to a sellout crowd at the 32nd Annual Mayor’s Luncheon last Thursday at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Culver City.

The Mayor, an Irish immigrant and naturalized American Citizen, led the crowd in a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Shoulders back and with hand over his heart, O’Leary's face showed the pride in his adopted country.

O’Leary told the crowd, “what a great city we live and do business in.”

The Mayor then went on to recite a litany of accomplishments by the city in the past year. He thanked many local companies and organizations and singled out Sony Pictures Entertainment saying he wanted to “especially thank you for caring about our community and our school.”

He congratulated his fellow councilmember and city staff for balancing the budget and not laying off any employees. He said the city was working on a five-year plan to balance the budget.

He blasted Governor Brown for eliminating the Redevelopment Agency in Culver City and throughout the state. He proclaimed Culver City is “still standing” and said the Governor had “knocked us down but not out.”

He singled out Culver City Bus as the being rated the fifth best fleet in North America and the city had just received 20 new highly advanced buses.

Waving permit fees for the filming industry for the next five years has helped bring filming back to Culver City.

He applauded Sal Gonzales, owner of Culver City Volvo, and one the city’s top tax revenue producers, as the number 1 Volvo dealer west of the Mississippi.

O’Leary congratulated the Police Department on reducing crime in the city and noted the department had solved last year’s double homicide and a cold case murder from 1985.

He spoke about the thousands of volunteer hours groups and individuals had given in the past year including the program that delivered 2500 hot meals to seniors.

He told the audience that Culver City residents and employees stay focused on making the world a better place and helping their fellow man.


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