Dear Editor


As an Abood, my name appears at the very top of the list of Scott Malsin's supporters. My husband's name appears directly after mine. On Saturday I received a copy of George Laase's letter to the Front Page on Line at my home. The copy arrived anonymously, was posted in LA, and has no return address.

Whoever sent it has taken the cowardly way out, and prevented me from responding to them personally. George Laase's thoughts are his prerogative, but why send this to me when both my husband and I support Scott and will continue to do so?

Scott has supported my community in our efforts to take back our streets from ERAS/ECF. Without his diligent efforts, we would not have succeeded in achieving our goal. Jim and I support Scott's decision to resign and also, his decision to run in the upcoming election for a position on City Council.

We hope you all will join us in voting for Scott on Tuesday.

Bobbie Abood

Culver City


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