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I Cannot Vote For Scott Malsin

Recently I read an article in The Front Page Online about Scott Malsin's assets. He complains he needs his health and retirement benefits. Yet Malsin is a millionaire and he wants residents to pay for his health insurance for himself and his family for life? That article left me with several questions that really bother me.

1. Malsin owns shares in Plains All-American Pipelines. Is that company connected to PXP? Everyone knows that Culver City sued PXP. Is it possible Malsin was on the council when they were making decisions about PXP and at the same time he owned shares in a company connected to PXP? Maybe there is a connection or maybe there isn't, but I would like to know.

2. Malsin owns shares in TC Pipelines. Is there a connection between PXP and TC Pipelines?

3. Malsin owns shares in Time-Warner. Didn't the Council handle issues about Time-Warner while Malsin was on the Council? Doesn't he have to disclose that he owns shares in the company before he votes on Time-Warner?

4. Malsin owns shares in Comcast. Didn't Comcast once provide service in Culver City? Was he on the Council when they did and did he have to vote on anything about Comcast?

5. Malsin owns shares in Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Starwood owns the Sheraton hotels. There is a Sheraton hotel in Culver City. We residents are being asked to vote on the TOT (transit occupancy tax or hotel bed tax) increase. Is there any connection between Malsin owning shares in Starwood and his votes on the Council about keeping the transit occupancy tax lower in Culver City than in other cities?

6. I heard Malsin speak before and he said his wife works. Does she get health insurance at her job?

7. I also heard that Malsin owns a second home in the mountains. That news has been going around Culver City. How many people in Culver City own 2 homes or even one?

8. I heard Malsin reported that he earned $10,000 in his business last year. Even if his wife works, how can he own one house, much less 2, if he only makes $10,000 a year? I saw him many times downtown smoking cigars outside of Starbucks. If he only makes $10,000 and really needs city benefits, maybe he should spend more time working and earning more? Or maybe he doesn't need to earn more than $10,000 because he gets money from other places?

I don't have answer to these questions. I just know I cannot vote for Malsin.

J. Reid

Culver City


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