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Over the last two weeks I've been walking Culver City neighborhoods with City Council candidate Meghan Sahli-Wells. While in the past I have supported her as a candidate based on friends' recommendations, I decided this time I would volunteer to walk with her and get to know her better.

After walking with her, and watching her interact with neighbors in different parts of the city, I am convinced. In voting for Meghan, all of us who have daughters have a rare opportunity to elect a woman who models a life of activism that can lead to committed public service in Culver City and on the City Council. Here are a few reasons:

Meghan listens deeply to people. One thing is obvious when you watch her interact with neighbors. Every single neighbor deserves her undivided, patient and engaged attention.

Meghan knows the ins and outs of every issue. It didn't seem to matter whether it was developments along the Ballona Creek, downtown issues, upcoming developments, financial issues the City faces.

As we were walking, I could see that Meghan is very knowledgeable about each issue and grew in her understanding of residents' perspectives from listening to their concerns.

Meghan believes in process. Listening to her talk to neighbors, I heard something that inspired me--the realization that if Meghan is elected, we will have a leader who believes we must all participate in all of the issues that we care about and that affect us.

She is committed to creating opportunities for us to participate fully.

Meghan walks her talk--or rather, bikes and walks it. It's clear that Meghan has been a voice for creating a more walkable and livable city for all of us. As we walked her kids from school before going door to door or when she met me on her bike.

I saw that Megan wasn't just talking about walking and biking. She was living it.

Claudia Vizcarra

Culver City


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