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April 4, 2012

Re: Alley west of Centinela, between Washington Place and Washington Boulevard

Culver City is being beautified in every way and makes the residents proud to live there. However, the alley behind our property is a relic of the past still remaining in its original “dirt-only” condition.

We have called several times asking to have this alley paved, but no one cares one bit about our requests. We are told, by very comfortable bureaucrats, that it is not a priority.

Of course they don’t live there and why should they care? Our requests fall on deaf ears. This alley is full of huge pot holes which at times can be called a “mini Grand Canyon”, needing a four-wheel drive truck to handle them. In the winter it becomes a muddy disaster and in the summer a dust bowl. The huge Culver City garbage trucks which drive through the alley regularly only make these pot holes worse.

It is a terrible and unavoidable obstacle course. Residents that have to drive through the alley to access their garages have filled some of the deeper “wells” of pot holes with bricks in an effort to make it easier to drive without breaking an axle on the car.

With the new development planned to take place at Centinela and Washington Boulevard we were hoping this alley would finally get paved. However, after speaking with the city’s contact person for this development, we were again told that they have no plan to pave the alley.

While all Culver City is being renewed, revamped and beautified, could not our alley be given some crumbs from the table of the largesse shown everywhere else?

Marie Ruiz

Culver City


Reader Comments

Resident writes:

I live at culver blvd and also have an unpacked ally , I also am looking to get paved


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