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Dear Editor


I am voting for Mayor Mehaul O’Leary. I will vote for Mr. Weissman and Mr. Clarke, as well, but Mr. O’Leary is my first choice.

He is the only candidate that runs a business with a payroll, so he knows how important sound fiscal practices are and understands the effect on his employees if he has to tighten his budget. Mr. O’Leary is a successful businessman who started with nothing, coming to this country with little money and a lot of drive and ambition. Today he still has the same drive and ambition.

What impresses me most about Mr. O’Leary is that he is not out in public tooting his own horn. He is not trying to impress people that he is doing things for the best interest of Culver City. He quietly works with City employees, residents, other cities and agencies to bring the best to Culver City. And with all this, he still finds time for charitable works – staying active in his church and delivering meals to home-bound seniors through the Culver City Home Delivered Meals Programs.

We need more people like Mr. O’Leary – not self-serving, not apologizing that he had to do something for his “family”, but just doing what’s best for everyone in Culver City.

Velma Houle

70+ year Culver City Resident


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