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I support Scott Malsin for Culver City Council. Scott served with honor and distinction until December when he was forced to make a very important personal decision. He chose to retire from his public service rather than lose his medical benefits that provide for his family, with special consideration for his young daughter.

Scott chose to share this difficult decision with the public, wherein it became a “topic of debate” and a distraction over Scott’s stellar record of public service.

I first met Scott when I ran the Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch program. Scott stood out as among the best citizen-organizers in our city. He kept people informed with his website, and involved them in local issues such as the building projects along Washington Blvd.

He invited key construction people, traffic people, and city leaders to his meetings so that his neighborhood was very well informed. He often had his family in attendance so that they knew his sense of public service and pride in the community. Scott always kept in touch with me at the Police Department, inquiring about crime issues, traffic congestion, our public schools, and retention of quality businesses. I grew to respect him.

As a Councilmember, Scott acted with a devotion and commitment few people understand. Being on the City Council is considered a “part time job”, but your City Council works long, long hours on City business. Ask any one of the current or former Council members how many hours a week they put in.

For the first time in history, you will get a “unanimous vote” that the “job” really is a full-time commitment. Do all the candidates running for Council have this devotion? Do they understand the time commitments involved? Scott understands, and, thankfully, he’s willing to run again.

Culver City needs full-time commitments from its Council. We also need experienced leaders like Scott to keep us going in the right direction. Scott knows the “ins & outs” and projects the city is undertaking. He knows the key personnel in the city’s departments and how to get things done. Plus, he’s generated a tremendous amount of respect amongst city employees.

Please consider Scott’s track record, his commitment and devotion to our City. Then join me in re-electing Scott Malsin for City Council. We need his experience as we face the difficult issues ahead.

Lt. Dean Williams (Ret.)

Culver City


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