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Dear Editor:


I am pleased to endorse Megan Sahli-Wells for City Council.

We are all pleased that Culver City has become a “destination” for many from throughout Southern California who like to lunch and dine at our restaurants and shop at our stores and attend plays and movies in our fair city.

That is well and good.

But, it is also good to elect to the Council someone like Megan whose agenda, first and foremost, is to protect the residential neighborhoods which have made our city such a great place to live.

As her work with the schools, the Culver City Downtown Neighborhood Association, with sustainability projects, the bicycle coalition, and her endorsement by the Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters suggest, Megan will work in fiscally prudent ways to enhance our city and help us cope with the challenges facing all of us who live in Culver City.

I urge a vote for Meghan Sahli-Wells in the April 10 election.

Rick Tuttle

Culver City


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