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I am writing to express my support of Meghan Sahli-Wells candidacy for Culver City Council.

I’ve had the privilege of working with her over the past two years as Culver City drafted its Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan and the creation of the Culver City Bicycle Coalition, both of which Meghan has had a direct hand in making.

Meghan is dedicated to making our transportation infrastructure safe for all users with a focus on improving active transportation modes for all in our community.

Meghan deserves a great deal of credit for helping draft grant applications which resulted in a $500,000 award to improve conditions which favor walking and biking around the Linwood E. Howe school area, as well as another $500,000 grant for education, encouragement and enforcement throughout the entire school district.

That's one million dollars of new money into the city and our schools, which helps create jobs, improves safety and reduces traffic and pollution in our city.

Her devotion to sustainability is notable as she "walks the walk", riding her bike quite literally around the city as part of her daily life. Reducing waste and promoting an environment in which we all may maintain healthy lifestyles are prominent issues she's focused on.

Smart development and fiscal responsibility fit well into the sustainability package she has delivered to all residents of the city. She will continue to make Culver City a great place to live.

I encourage all city residents to vote for Meghan Sahli-Wells for City Council on Tuesday.

Steven Herbert

Culver City


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