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WLAC Gallery Presents New Show


March 28, 2012

The art gallery at West Los Angeles College presents “A Decadent Work” by Renée A. Fox, a Los Angeles artist and the director of Beacon Arts Building from now until April 7. The artist will paint one 15 x 60 foot mural directly on a large curved wall in the gallery that will be completely painted over at the end of the six-week exhibition. A labor-

intensive exercise, the mural has developed through multiple revisions in the past two months. Its final incarnation will take two full weeks to produce.

In her statement about this piece, Fox wrote, “Art is arguably the ultimate decadence, materially, and in its creation, the output of decadent individuals. It is hard to miss the irony that we are living in the Great Recession and luxuries like art are more important than ever, as investments for the 1% or as luxury of expression at a time when the voice of the masses is kept as quiet as possible. The artist is implicated in the importance of the luxury object, in his/her act of its creation...A Decadent Work” uses parts of different Orchids, the largest, most showy and diverse family of flowering plants on earth in deliberately excessive feminine displays of sexuality and beauty.”


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