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Ridley-Thomas, Price Endorse Measure EE


October 7, 2009

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and 26th District Senator Curren Price have announced their endorsements of Measure EE, the Culver City schools funding measure on the ballot for the November 3 L..A. County Consolidated Election.

Measure EE, if approved by Culver City registered voters, would provide a stable source of local funds to support Culver City schools and maintain essential education programs that are presently facing severe reductions due to major state education budget cuts.

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said, “Culver City schools are some of the best in L.A. County. Culver City is widely known for its quality K-12 education and noted college preparation for its high school students. State budget cuts threaten Culver City’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in education.”

“If Culver City schools fail to raise new local funds, they could be forced to take drastic steps, such as increase class sizes. Culver City could also lose highly regarded classroom teachers. Measure EE will help Culver City generate the local funds that are desperately needed to protect its school programs and maintain its high level of education excellence.”

Senator Price said, “Culver City scholls are known for their quality education, small class sizes, top notch instructors and solid student test scores. Measure EE will help Culver City maintain the level of education excellence its schools are known for and enable local students to update instructional materials, provide art and music programs, and advanced math, science and college-prep courses.”


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