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EE Supporters March through Culver City


September 30, 2009

Volunteers Spend Saturday Explaining Parcel Tax

An outpouring of support from over 100 volunteers thronged through the Culver City streets on Saturday to spread their enthusiastic support of Measure EE. Not only did parents turn out with kids in tow and pushing baby carriages, but they were joined by a group of CCUSD employees, administrators, elected officials, principals both retired and present, and four candidates for School Board.

They all joined in the march to bring accurate information to the nearly 2500 voters who voted in the last election. Breaking into precinct groupings the volunteers covered nearly every inch of Culver City in around three hours. Then they met for a rest and to exchange stories at Scott Zeidman’s home for a barbeque.

“I had a great time reconnecting with my neighbors and was pleasantly surprised at nearly unanimous support by seniors and families alike. My senior neighbors have raised their children here and love Culver City. They want to support the five-year parcel tax to make sure the next generation have the same advantages their children did. In some cases their grandchildren are now attending Culver City schools.” said Bonnie Wacker, a 20-year resident with two girls who attend Farragut and CCMS.

Overnight lawn signs sprouted. Volunteers knocked on doors and conversations about the parcel tax ensued. They left behind brochures and discussed how Culver City schools desperately need the parcel tax in order to maintain their quality.


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