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Banks Is Playing At Fullerton College


September 24, 2009

We receive a lot of response to sports happenings here at The Observer. One of the most frequently asked questions is “whatever happened to Darius Banks?”

It’s a tribute to Banks’ ability as a quarterback that fans remember him and wonder what he’s accomplishing in football now.

Banks is merely one of the greatest quarterbacks in Culver City High history, When he went on with his career it seemed like Division 1 college stardom was in his future and some football experts told me he might have an NFL future. He was big enough, an outstanding passer and a runner who punished defenses.

But he lacked the academic credentials for Division 1 and decided on Eastern Washington University, which wasn’t permitted to let him play as a freshman but could enroll him. The idea was that Banks would be eligible to play the next year.

Instead, Banks left Eastern Washington after one year and began making the rounds of community colleges in Southern California. He worked out with the El Camino College team in the simmer but left there.

I checked with El Camino and was told they thought Banks was heading to Mt. San Antonio College. That didn’t materialize, and the next school I heard for his destination was Pasadena.

But that rumor was also false.

This week, Observer photographer George Laase, who knows Banks, came up with accurte information. Banks is at Fullerton College. And in a 70-17 win over Moorpark a week ago he played in the second half and was two-for-seven passing for 36 yards. Included was a 30-yard touchdown pass. Banks also ran for 23 yards on two carries.

It sounds to me that Banks still has a vast amount of ability and potential, but he’s been set back by his tour of colleges. Coaches want players, most notably quarterbacks, to be in their program for all the off-season training. Decisions on playing time is made then.

Banks’ many fans in Culver City are still rooting for him. And it will be interesting to see where Banks goes after he uses up his community college eligibility.


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