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Yankees At Dodgers Next Season


September 17, 2009

Joe Torre versus the New York Yankees. How does that sound?

Next season’s tentative major league schedule has been revealed and the Yankees will play at Dodger Stadium on June 25-27.

Whatever Torre says about that it’s certain he’ll enjoy going against his former team, the one that parted ways with one of baseball’s all-time great managers. When the Yankees did that Torre came to the Dodgers.

The schedule also includes a series between the Dodgers and Red Sox in Boston June 18-20. And one between the Detroit Tigers and Dodgers here in May.

First we have the rest of this season, with the Dodgers widening their division lead over Colorado recently, making them a likely playoff team.

An individual driving this success is outfielder Andre Ethier, who increased his home run total to 30 this week.

Acquiring Ethier in a trade with Oakland was one of the Dodgers’ best moves in the recent past. Not only did it bring in a promising young player but allowed them to send Milton Bradley away. Although Bradley is talented his anger had caused problems and it was best he continue his career elsewhere.

Ethier has blossomed. He’s taken advantage of Manny Ramirez’ presence in the lineup and benefited from a few years of experience.

Matt Kemp has been regarded as the most talented of the Dodgers’ young players, but I think Ethier is closing in.

It will be good for these young players, as well as James Loney and Russell Martin to play in high profile inter-league games.

As for the fans, I expect they’ll gobble up those Yankee tickets quickly. Inter-league play has been a controversial topic over the years but I believe it is good for baseball.

Anything that creates interest is wise.

Dodgers versus Yankees. Fans at Dodger Stadium getting to see (and boo) Alex Rodriguez. Those Yankee sluggers trying to hit the ball out of Dodger Stadium. It’s got to be a lot of fun.

Count me in.


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