Zirgulis Strikes Back At Ehrlich


September 17, 2009

I would like to respond to a personal attack made by Paul Ehrlich who is a leader in the campaign of my rival candidate, Kathy Paspalis for the Culver City School Board.

Mr. Ehrlich not only has accused me of spreading “snake oil” and having “illegal thoughts”, he has completely misrepresented my positions on the issues.

My, my, Mr. Ehrlich. Since when have you become sheriff of the “thought police”? Are you going to cover me in snake oil and pour battery acid on me to punish me for my so called “illegal thoughts”?

On Sept. 9, at the Culver City Democrats Club, I made an appeal and declaration to all the candidates running for school board. I stated that I think that we all have the best intentions for our kids and our schools.

We may agree to disagree on some issues, but after all is said and done we are going to have to work together on the school board.

It is a waste of resources to spend energy making personal attacks. Let’s discuss the issues and have an honest debate.

Some people may not agree with me on environmentally safe oil drilling bringing revenue to our schools. However, please give me some credit for coming up with innovative ways to raise money for our schools. Not only have I proposed raising money for schools through environmentally safe oil drilling, but I have also pointed out that the Federal govt. has billions of dollars available in grant money. The Culver City School District needs to hire a grant writer to capture some of this money for school programs.

We can save over $600,000 for utilities by installing solar energy panels on the roofs of our schools. Other funding ideas include recycling programs, local businesses and community support.

I want to make Culver City Schools the best in the state. If some political machine wants to stop me, I am putting them on notice that I am a fighter and will defend myself accordingly. I will fight to the end for our schools.


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