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 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    July 23, 2015


It’s long been said that the best gifts are the ones in little packages; uh, or for the ladies out there, those little “Tiffany Blue” boxes (you know what I mean!). Well, Marvel has now joined...

 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    April 16, 2015


No one brings inspirational real life stories to film like Disney, especially when those stories center around sports. Be it horses, baseball, football or any other sport, you know you will be moved,...

 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    November 13, 2014


So what happens when you take a beloved 32 page book published in 1972 about a boy named Alexander who is obsessed with all things Down Under and bring it into modern day and expand those 32 pages...

 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    July 24, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Planes: Fire & Rescue

Dusty delivers! He dives, he swoops, he scoops, soaring into our hearts again! PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE may be the epitome of the Disney themes of "friendship first" and "lend a helping hand", not...

 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    June 5, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Million Dollar Arm

If you follow baseball, and particularly the Pittsburgh Pirates, then you probably know Pirates pitchers Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel and the story behind MILLION DOLLAR ARM. But whether you know the...

 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    April 10, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Muppets Most Wanted

"It's the Muppets again! It's the Muppets again! It's. The. Muppets. Agaaaaain!" That's right!! They're back (for the eighth time, in case you're keeping count) and not only most wanted, but most...

 By debbie lynn elias    Movies    January 16, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW FAMILY FUN: The Legend Of Hercules and The Nut Job

One of the great strengths of THE LEGEND OF HERCULES lies in the story origins and bringing in Sean Hood and Daniel Giat as screenwriters, tapping into Hood’s experience with mythology and...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    July 14, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE. The very words warm you as you are flooded with joyous memories and images of what may be the most iconic ten minutes of film in the history of movies. Just thinking...

 By Debbie Lynn Elias    Movies    June 2, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

In 1865, Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a mathematics professor at Christchurch University in Oxford, England forever changed the world. No, he didn’t disprove the Pythagorean Theory or find a...